Welcome to the ATM-Band Website

A.T.M. is an extremely dynamic and danceable 6-piece musical/vocal group that features talented and professional local musicians with very diverse and extensive musical backgrounds. Various members have played everywhere from nightclubs to even a Presidential Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C. The result of all that experience is a very exciting and fun-filled time for all ages no matter what type of function. Whether they are playing at a nightclub, a wedding reception, a corporate event or at a private party, A.T.M. will more than satisfy everyone’s musical needs.

Most of the members of A.T.M. began their musical careers in various different bands while growing up in Manchester, CT. They were all best of friends but they almost never played in the same band at the same time. Now amazingly, years later, their dedicated love for music and perfection has finally brought them all back together to combine all their talent into one powerful musical experience for any audience to enjoy. And, everybody has……..especially them!

Some of the well known groups that some of the members of A.T.M. have performed with in the past are such groups as The Quiet Ones, Just in Case, Something Good, Mainstreet, the Burt Teague Band, River Street, Late City Edition, Rodeo Drive, the Whiskey River Band, the Great Train Robbery, the Gravy Train, the Buddy Kidd Band, the New Beats, Tommy and the Rivieras, Freedom Bound, Freedom and the Derek James Band. All of these well known groups featured the very best local musicians at the time and each member of A.T.M. was always included in that category throughout the years.

When learning each new song, A.T.M. prides themselves on paying very close attention to every little detail of whichever song they have chosen to perform. Every guitar solo, keyboard solo or little part played is very closely scrutinized to give their audiences the best possible reproduction of the songs they are going to be playing. A.T.M. truly believes in “Quality over Quantity” and will spend much more time than normal to ensure a perfect cover of each song they learn. But it is their three part harmony arrangements that really make them stand out. Audiences have marveled at the perfect blend of their voices combined with the exact harmony parts of whichever song they are performing. They have spent a lot of time on their harmonies and it clearly shows! And, song selection will always be A.T.M.’s top priority as well. They will always guarantee that each song they pick to perform is danceable and popular.

So, no matter what type of function they perform for, A.T.M. is exactly what all audiences have been craving for a very long time……and now they’re finally here for everyone to enjoy……especially themselves!

That is why A.T.M. stands for……. “ALL THE MUSIC”